St. Patrick, Pray for Us!

St. Patrick, Pray for Us!
St. Patrick, Pray for Us!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer Number 3: New Adventures and Growth

It has been a while since my last post on this blog, and I hope to be able to keep up more with it now. My third year of college seminary was defiantly a bumpy ride. The Lord has to show me many things throughout the school year not only academically, but spiritually and personally. There was many a point throughout the school year where I thought I could not go on and that I just need to run. But God was there for me every step of the way and has led me to know more about myself and about my vocation.

But, the year was also full of awesome adventures and experiences. One of the biggest blessings of the year was being able to go to Italy for spring break in May, 2017. I went with two of my closest brothers from seminary on a 8 day adventure over seas to explore the heart of Roman Catholicism. This pilgrimage was something that not only allowed me to delve more into my vocation, but also a break from the business of seminary. Here are some photo highlights of that trip:

I then was able to go on and finish the school year very well considering the fact junior year is the hardest year for college seminary. From this point on, I have finished my philosophy classes and I only have to complete my senior thesis paper to complete my requirements for graduation in the spring of 2018. While the classes were overwhelming many times, God was able to get me through this year through all the struggles that I was having.

This summer, I have been blessed to be able to live and work with Fr. Shawn Landenwitch at St. Patrick Bellefontaine and St. Mary of the Woods in Russells Point. I moved in the 16th of May and I am so blessed to be able to get to know and serve the people of Logan County. I pray that I can do the work God is calling me to do here. This is all for now, but expect more updates to come!

In Christ,
Patrick Blenman.